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The birth of these sauces stems from my customers constantly saying that they wished they could take me home and plonk me in their kitchen for a never ending supply of food! As that's not feasible, this is the closest  I could come up with. In an age where everything is super fast paced, there is a need to produce food quickly but without compromising on taste. My jars are the perfect solution after a long day at work where no one can face peeling an onion, let alone making a sauce or paste from scratch. In short I've done all the hard work so that in a blink you can enjoy a delicious meal.


I have ensured that every jar holds a true authentic Malaysian flavor and taste without any substitutes. Made with fresh ingredients, all my jars are free from artificial  colours, additives, and preservatives. Supermarkets all over UK have a vast array of ethnic sauces, but suffice to say Malaysian options are a rare find. Some oriental supermarket have a small selection, but I am yet to find one that I am entirely satisfied with. The ultimate aim is for every household to have one of my jars in their cupboard!


Please note that the sauces doesn't require any additional fluid. The paste however, is thicker in consistency and will require  an addition of either a tin of tomatoes or a tin of coconut milk.


Have a browse of all my recipes, tips and ideas, and enjoy a taste explosion!



Please contact me direct to purchase or visit one of our stockist listed below. 


All jars priced at £4.50 + £3.99 postage and packaging for up to 3 jars.




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