The Return of Malaysian Supper Clubs

I’m sure apologies are not needed for the long silence as I’m certain you understand the challenges that Covid has brought for everyone. Suffice to say no one has been immune to it’s evil clutches and the effects have been far reaching.

Whilst I’m grateful to god that I’ve managed to carry on the business via my home delivery service, I was somewhat aggrieved that all other services like Private Chef, Supper Clubs, party catering, and cookery classes had to be suspended. Unlike many I still had an income and yes at times it was seriously exhausting (hence the silence), compared to others in the hospitality industry I was one of the fortunate few.

With phase one of restrictions being relaxed, you can imagine how I jumped out of my skin with excitement at the prospects of Supper Clubs being resurrected! So much time had lapsed that I had to go great guns on Instagram and Facebook reminding everyone ‘hey I’m back’! In the current situation it’s held outdoors but it’s reassuring to know that indoor dining will be on the cards in the near future.

My first booking was a hen do for 5 lovely ladies who were all vegetarian. The weather was not on our side and although the rain kindly stayed away, it was far from bikini weather. I applauded their bravado as they sat cocooned in winter coats complete with blankets! Staring from the kitchen window as food was devoured and Prosecco was consumed amidst shrills of laughter, I suddenly realised how much I really missed it all. Food delivery still allowed me to ‘do my thing’ in the kitchen but it doesn’t compare to the thrill of that restaurant service feel. Stove to table affords extensive artistic licence and creativity as opposed to delivery which is restricted to dishes only suitable for reheating.

A prime example is ‘Laksa’, noodles bathed in a rich spicy coconut broth (pictured above) which is a regular request but absent from the delivery menu. Apart from the logistical nightmare of transportation, the taste is never quite the same as served piping hot and fresh.

The Supper Club menu is a 6 course Malaysian culinary adventure representative of the diverse culture and heritage. I’ve ensured that the plethora of flavours are captured in every dish so the diner will be transported to Malaysia via their tastebuds even though it’s only in my humble garden in UK!

With a heady mix of Chinese, Malay, Indian, Eurasian, and ingredients like five spice, lemongrass, coconut, chili, and whole spices it evokes a feel of dining in a Malaysian food court. Thanks to good old Costco, I even managed to find a gazebo that resembles the type of wooden structure found everywhere in Asia.

As the summer looms and even with the unpredictability of the British weather, this one small change fills me with immense excitement. Suddenly it seems like the months of uncertainty and doubt has been replaced with a glimmer of hope that a brighter day is on the horizon.

Until next time, keep well and keep safe always.

All my love as always,

Mariae xxxx

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