My Fantastic Yorkshire Family!

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

I thought I’d give you all some insight into my Yorkshire family, who have always supported me and Gerrard!

I often thank god that I have an amazing family back home in Malaysia and my lovely in laws in Yorkshire. So I was counting the days till our visit up there, not just for a well deserved break to sniff some fresh Yorkshire air, but to attend the wedding of Gerrard’s nephew Timothy. We checked into a Best Western Hotel in Driffield and it was like stepping back in time. The floral carpet, rich luxurious curtains, ornate mirrors, and antique trinkets reinforced that ‘oldy worldly’ feeling. The minimalist guest might find it all a bit garish, but I for one thoroughly loved it. 

For those of you who follow me on Facebook and Instagram, my posts leading up to the event was filled with anxiety at the task of making the wedding cake. Having never had any formal training, this was a mammoth undertaking. After baking 9 cakes, hand moulding 30 roses, a tonne of buttercream and fondant, I was pleased with the end result but more so that the 4 hour drive didn’t destroy all my hard work. I don’t know whether the bride or I would have cried more if the cake arrived damaged! The wedding was a joyful event and the bride and groom only had eyes for each other. 

Days following the wedding were spent chilling, shopping and of course endless long chats with the family mostly centred around memory lane. Gerrard comes from a family of 9 brothers and sisters so you can imagine the abundance of interesting tales that were told! Sadly, they don’t all live in Yorkshire any longer, but it was great catching up on those who remained. 

"After baking 9 cakes, hand moulding 30 roses, a tonne of buttercream and fondant, I was pleased with the end result"

I enjoyed a day out with my sister-in-law Liz who is a total sugar addict! Looking at her slight frame, no one would ever believe that she could devour cakes, cookies and pudding like it was going out of fashion. We shared 2 extremely large sundaes whilst I silently kept convincing myself that any bad behaviour is accepted during a holiday. Perhaps my hips will play for it later but at that one luscious moment in time it really didn’t care! Does anyone else feel the same about eating calories while away from home?

We then headed up to Doncaster and visited Gerrard’s brother John and his wife Jean where the whole eating, chilling and nattering till the small hours of the night continued. I also managed to slip in a day of cooking a Malaysian feast for everyone which was very well received!

As always, all good things must come to an end and as the car leaves Yorkshire behind mile after mile, my heart is filled with sadness. I occasionally glance at the mirror during our journey and as Yorkshire slowly disappears, I cheer myself up with thoughts of future visits and more precious time with my family up North.

Mariae xxx 

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