Malaysia I'm Back!

The only downer about going to Malaysia is the actual process of getting there. My excitement is at bursting point once I’ve stepped foot on the aircraft knowing that my journey has begun, but its slowly replaced with discomfort, boredom and a need to shout ‘are we there yet?!’  Admittedly the first few hours passes quite quickly with the aid of in flight movies, food, and alcohol.

However once you’ve almost exhausted all of the latest films, drank your body weight in gin and realised that there’s still another 100 million hours to destination the fun factor soon disappears (and don’t even get me started on attempting to sleep in an upright position!).

Still, it’s a small price to pay as we descend and I get my first glimpse of the blindingly bright sun, coconut trees, and knowing that I am soon to be reunited with my family. 

My eyes roam eagerly as I approach the arrival area and instantly see my parents, brother and nieces. To say my heart is beating ten to the dozen is a total understatement as it pounds so hard I’m surprised it hasn’t leaped out of my chest onto the floor!

Happiness is always tinged with a pang of sadness when I set eyes on the smiling faces of my

folks and notice that they’ve aged just that little bit more. I vividly recall their younger days standing at the same spot eagerly looking out for me but as the years go by and with every visit this scenario changes a little. Then leaving Gerard to deal with the trolley stacked with a mountain full of luggage that would put Beyoncé to shame, I run with teary eyes as fast as my legs can carry me to throw my arms around them. I make a silent wish that life will allow me to return more often before that dreaded day when they won’t be there any longer. 

Tune in for my next blog all bout my Christmas adventures on the beautiful island of Langkawi.

Mariae xxx

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