Dapur Mariae's Mini Customers!

Bidding the summer farewell with Dapur Mariae’s mini customers!

Last Saturday’s BBQ was a fun gathering of mums, dads and their kids. These lovelies have been coming since they were knee high to a grasshopper (some still are), and although I’m always happy to see them, it’s a reminder that as they’re getting taller, I’m getting older. Nevertheless it’s always such a joy to have them in my home and watch them relish my cooking. 

Whilst the majority of our customers are adults, I have had the pleasure of tiny people gracing our table many a time. They’re so brutally honest that it can sometimes be a mixture of joy and trepidation when a plate of food is placed in front of them. So much so I find myself holding my breath and waiting anxiously at the verdict!

That said, their ability to speak the whole truth and nothing but, keeps me on my toes and challenges me to keep evolving. Little pallets range from the very adventurous who are game for anything new and unusual to those who tread extremely cautiously. One things for sure, I have a trick up my sleeve for even the fussiest eater and have often had comments from mums like ‘oh I never thought they would like that’ which makes me feel like the Nanny McPhee of kiddies cuisine. 

Some of the firm favourites are satay, sticky ribs, spring rolls, homemade chicken/beef burgers, fishcakes, oodles of noodles, and of course deep fried anything! Unsurprisingly pudding is never a headache or a problem. Ice cream, pancakes, banana fritters, chocolate cupcakes, fruit tarts have all been welcomed with open arms. Family, food, and love is the ethos of our business and being able to cook for all ages is living testament to all that we stand for.

So the end of summer may be looming and soon the sunshine will be replaced with darker afternoons, but memories created from this fabulous Sunday will muster a smile even on the dullest days. From chocolate covered faces, to reading ‘The Wonkey Donkey’, to slurping of noodles, a fun time was had by all. Until next year kids when you’re older and yet taller, I shall be ready and waiting!

Mariae x x x

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