Christmas in Langkawi!

Although Christmas is now all but a dim and distant memory as trees and  decorations have all been packed away,  and most have returned to work, but for me Yuletide on the beautiful island of Langkawi will be etched in my mind forever. 

I know Christmas is generally associated with cold winter days, crisp white snow, reindeers, snowmen, and mulled wine, however none of these were present in Langkawi but instead replaced with blue azure seas, white sandy beaches, coconut trees and heat so intense you could literally fry an egg on the sidewalk!

Some would find these surroundings rather bizarre for this season and void of any Noel type familiarity but I would urge everyone to try it at least once in their lifetime. If anything it’s a perfect opportunity to avoid manic shopping for presents, the laborious task of a turkey dinner, and running a mile from grandma’s hand knitted jumper (sorry nan!). What really makes me die is the regifting of unwanted items and I end up with a mountain of smelliest that will never ever see the light of day! I mean let’s be honest, there’s only so many lavender or rose scented shower gel that one will ever need. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m probably the biggest Christmas monster on this planet, and have even been known to hang on to my Christmas tree well into February! But this time the serenity of the sea, and the bliss of knowing there were none of the usual preparation that can sometimes put a dent in the festivities made for a relaxing time indeed. The only missing link was that our daughter Sasha and her partner Lewis couldn’t join us due to work commitments.

Still, our son Ethan was present and of course my Malaysian family which eased the agony of missing Sasha and Lewis. 

We checked into the Malibest Resort which isn’t 5 star by any stretch of the imagination but possessed more of a rustic feel. It still had all the usual facilities like  daily bed changes, fresh towels, and a fridge, but room service required a walk to reception. A small price to pay for our gorgeous chalet which was literally on the beach complete with a huge window which allowed you to gaze at the sea, and a treehouse for Ethan which had an equally good view. With restaurants and duty free shops (yes the whole island is duty free) behind the resort and stretching from one end to another, locating local food and even western fare was never an issue. Admittedly prices were slightly inflated due to the the hordes of tourists but nonetheless you can elect to either push the boat out (no pun intended!), or keep it  according to your purse strings. 

I know this may sound crazy but I even had a Mexican meal once in a cute little place called The 3 Amigos. Mostly though I opted for Malaysian dishes and indulged in so many that not only did I totally lose count but devoured it all before taking pics! The images on here is merely a fraction of what I actually dumped in my belly. 

I’m not a major fan of liver but the dried style with loads of chili and spices really stood out along with a simple ‘nasi Goreng’ (fried rice). Seafood was also in abundance and the option of choosing from the aquariums which are then cooked to your style is out of this world. 

Food aside Christmas Day itself was a day filled with water sports, and even though the UFO  boat capsized courtesy of my rotund figure it was still a great day. 

As I’ve said on numerous occasions, family is all important whether you’re sat by a fire or basking in paradise. I will take all these happy moments with me and recall them one by one on those days when life isn’t so kind. Look out for my next blog which yet again involves me eating! All my love and a Happy 2020!

Mariae xxx

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