Our Services


We offer an extensive range of services which are listed below. Please scroll down for a more detailed account of each one.


1. Supper Clubs at our residence


2. Chef in your kitchen.


3. Parties and functions.


4. Takeaways


5. Malaysian high tea.


6. BBQ's


7. Cookery classes.



Please ensure that you inform us at the time of booking/ordering if you have any allergies.




Supper Club & Home Dining


We offer a unique Supper Club experience which allows you to dine at our residence. Initially it seems a strange concept, and customers who attend for the first time naturally walk in with a mixture of anxiety and curiosity at what the evening will bring. Nevertheless, it doesn't take them long to relax and unwind once they get to know Gerrard and I. We've always welcomed everyone into our home with genuine warmth and hospitality, and we extend that to our customers too.


Similar to a restaurant, we have a full menu available which includes starters, mains and desserts. Some of our regulars make specific requests for their favourite dishes in advance when making their booking, whilst others are just happy to pick from the menu or even try our suggestions. If there is a particular item you would like us to prepare, then let us know and we will endeavour to serve it. For example, crab is not always featured on the menu, but I have cooked my mother's 'chilli crab' for a gentleman in the past who just adored crab. We also welcome vegetarians as there is a wide selection of Malaysian vegetarian options more riveting than your run of the mill 'stuffed peppers with rice' or 'nut cutlet'!! Another added bonus is that you can bring your own booze which is always a winner!


Advance booking required and can be for a maximum of up to 10 people for a sit down meal, and up to 25 for a buffet. In the summer, we can increase this number as we utilise our garden and even offer BBQ's, all with a Malaysian twist.



So don't hesitate, call me and try something different and new! You won't regret it.




Chef In Your Kitchen


This service is perfect if you would like to host a dinner party but without the hassle of preparing, cooking, and being isolated in the kitchen whilst everyone else is having a good time. Based on a menu of your choice and budget, we will source the ingredients, cook it fresh in your kitchen, and serve it to your guests. Please note that some of the dishes may have to be prepared in our kitchen beforehand due to availability of equipment. This has proved a popular choice amongst those who love to throw a good dinner party for family and friends but shudder at the thought of all the work it involves. Fear no more, as we are but a phone call away!



Parties & Functions

We cater for all types of parties and functions and no event is considered too small. Some of our previous appointments have been hen parties, bridal and baby showers, and birthdays to name a few. With a choice of either a finger buffet, a full meal, or a banquet fit for a king, we are sure that you will find something to suit your needs and budget. Free delivery within a 5 mile radius otherwise a small delivery charge will apply.


Takeaways & Deliveries


As we run this business from our home, unlike your local takeaway, we need a minimum of 72 hours notice before as we don't source ingredients until required. This ensures that everything is freshly prepared and of the highest quality. It's ideal if you have a day or a weekend off coming up and intend to have an evening curled up on the sofa doing nothing but indulging yourself in some serious chow! No minimum order. Free delivery on orders within a 5-mile radius, otherwise a delivery charge will apply.

Please call me to discuss menu options.




Malaysian High Tea


£25 per person. 6 varieties of food - 3 sweets and 3 savouries. Unlimited tea and coffee, and complimentary glass of bubbly or sherry. Feel free to bring your own booze!


Great for a girlie afternoon filled with yummy food and a natter, or just to relax with some friends whilst indulging in some tasty treats.


Advance booking required.


Afternoon tea has made such a major comeback recently that I felt I had to jump on the bandwagon. Not one to do things by halves, I wanted to offer afternoon tea with a Malaysian twist, or commonly known as 'high tea'! I know that it may seem rather odd to associate Malaysia with a very British tradition, but the truth is all the years of being a British colony has left its mark on many of our local practices.


I still remember clearly as a child my mother promptly putting the kettle on at 4pm to make a pot of tea. The usual accompaniment would either be homemade cakes or local pastries and cakes purchased from the many stalls known as a 'gerais' or a 'warungs' which are dotted everywhere. The smell of tasty morsels being fried, baked or steamed emanating from these stalls wafting away during the afternoon is a common feature. The popular favourites are banana and sweet potato fritters, or traditional homemade Malay cakes which almost always contained either palm sugar, coconut or glutinous rice. Another firm favourite is a 'curry puff' which is like a Cornish pasty in appearance. It is a pastry case filled with either curried sweet potatoes and dried prawns, or meat and potatoes, and crimped on the edges before deep frying. Many hotels in Malaysia offer high tea but on a much grander scale and have extended the choice to include not just the traditional fare, but heavier options such as stir fried noodles, rice, and satay.


I was so elated that my first ever high tea went with such a bang as you can see from the pictures below, that I'm confident it will attract yet more custom in the future. Everyone was amazed at the food, and left stuffed to the brim with goodie bags in tow as they could take any leftovers they wished. They feasted on lamb curry puffs, chicken satay with peanut sauce, baked Chinese pork buns, coconut cake with rose jam, Malaysian peanut pancakes, chocolate cupcakes, and banana muffins. I know I said 6 varieties, but as it was my first event of this kind, so I decided to push the boat out. Funny thing is, I didn't get any complaints!






During the summer months, we host BBQ’s either in our garden or yours.

Please note that we do not supply cutlery, crockery, or furniture (unless we're hosting), but we can supply serving dishes if required.


Satay is of course the most popular Malaysian barbecued meat, but there are many other options such as fish in banana leaves, Cumin lamb kebabs, Chilli king prawns, five spice belly pork, and even vegetarian specialties. We have a variety of salads to accompany the meats or fish, but other alternatives such as noodles, fried rice, coconut rice, spicy grilled aubergine can make for an interesting change.


Call us if you want to throw a BBQ that will really impress your friends and family whilst you put your feet up, relax, and enjoy!




Cookery Classes


Cost £45 per person plus the cost of ingredients. 3 dishes will be taught in one

class, and you will also be able to take a tasty sample away with you.


Call me today and add a taste of Malaysia to your cooking skills!