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Thank you for being so patient with the delay in my blog. I’ve not been well but am on the mend now. This week I’ve decided to focus on something that’s familiar to everyone – birthdays! Mainly because I celebrated mine a couple of weeks ago and would like to share my thoughts with you.

Birthdays are quite funny really, and always mean different things to different people. Some want to shout it from the mountain top and others prefer to let it just come and go as if nothing ever happened. Others have been known to shudder at the mere thought that another year gone brings them just that little bit closer to old age, dentures, incontinence and zimmer frames! I even recall a famous celebrity who shall remain nameless vehemently stating that she never understood how the passing of years could be a cause for celebration.

I place myself somewhere in between both trains of thought and don’t tend to place a lot of emphasis on my special day. In fact I rarely make any sort of plans and have even worked for a few. I don’t think I’m alone in this mind set as I’ve come across many who feel the same. Somehow, the magic and excitement is not quite as intense as when I was a child waking up early and eagerly awaiting the prospects of gifts and celebrations. My parents would always ensure that the day was special, even if there wasn’t a big party that involved the whole classroom attending! 

My 10th birthday was the most memorable though. My mum had secretly organised a party and invited the whole class as well as my cousins who lived a bus ride away. I vividly recall my cousins arriving first thing in the morning on this rickety old bus that had definitely seen better days, with plastic bags in tow and what looked like gifts peeking out. It didn’t take a genius to decipher what was on the horizon.
But the mystery was working out why my mum was scurrying around our tiny kitchen making a gazillion cupcakes, curry puffs, biscuits, marshmallows and all manner of goodies. It wasn’t until 5 o'clock when my friends started arriving that the penny dropped. The evening was filled with games, food, music, and even prizes for the winners. My folks truly excelled themselves and even when I’m a 90 year old granny and senile, that memory will be etched in my mind forever.

These days all secret and covert celebrations are organised by my hubby and my daughter Sasha (pictured right. Year after year Sasha ensures that my day is a blast and the major emphasis is on me being thoroughly spoilt. From west end shows, to overnight luxury stays in hotels, to dinner parties, I’ve experienced them all. What makes me really giggle is that she grabs the reins with both hands and merrily bosses hubby and my son Ethan around, allocating them tasks and chores. This year was no exception. 

She cleverly played it down by suggesting we have a ‘quiet one’ ie dinner and cocktails at the local restaurant which sounded perfect. But nothing is ever ‘quiet’ when Sasha is involved and I could not believe my eyes when I waltzed into the pub and saw all my close friends shouting out ‘Happy Birthday’!!! The area was filled with balloons, banners, and Baileys Chocolate cake which is a winner in my book. Everyone came from near and far and it’s so cliché I know but I found myself welling up and totally overwhelmed.

It made me realise that even though I’m a year older with saggy boobs (TMI!), stretch marks that resemble a road map, and perhaps a step closer to the dreaded dentures and zimmer frames, the life I have at this moment in time is filled with love. For that I am truly grateful and blessed.
I guess the message that I want you all to take from this post is that no matter your views on birthdays, and whether or not you want to celebrate them, the important thing is to surround yourselves with loved ones and use that day to celebrate the important relationships in your life! 

Mariae xxx

If you want to see more pictures of our food and keep updated on all things Dapur Mariae, be sure to like our Facebook page and give us a follow on Instagram! 

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