Dapur Mariae (Mariae's kitchen) - A taste of Malaysia!
I am still in the process of compiling my menu so please check again for latest additions.
Vegetable dishes
Aubergine in black pepper  £4.75
Asian aubergine cooked in onion and black pepper sauce
Rempah sayur (Medium)
Vegetables cooked in minced garlic, green chilies, and prawn paste.
Green beans £4.50
Greens £4.50
Okra £4.95
Asparagus £6.50
Nonya Aubergine £5.20
Thick sliced aubergine stir fried in prawns, garlic, and yellow bean sauce.
 Stir fried bean sprouts and salt fish £4.75

 Cabbage with mustard seeds and tumeric £4.00
Green beans with minced pork and egg £5.50
Aubergine sambal £6.50
Mixed vegetables in oyster sauce £5.00
 Stir fried Brussel sprouts with chicken and ginger £6.95
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