Dapur Mariae (Mariae's kitchen) - A taste of Malaysia!
Street Food
                                        Chicken Satay £8.99 (Mild)
A trip to Malaysia would not be complete without sampling this popular dish. Pieces of meat marinaded in tumeric, lemon grass and spices, then grilled and served with peanut sauce, cucumber, red onion and rice cubes. Trust me, you haven't had real peanut sauce or satay until you've tried mine! It is the real deal.
Beef satay £12.99
Made with sirloin
Vegetarian satay £7.50
Made with quorn pieces
King Prawn satay £10.25

Nasi Lemak £10.99
Coconut rice with shrimp sambal, hard boiled eggs, cucumber, fried peanuts, and fried anchovies. A popular Malaysian breakfast which can be enjoyed any time of day!
Nasi Lemak with Beef Rendang £12.00
Same as above with added beef rendang

Laksa £9.95 (Medium)
Choice of rice vermicelli noodles or egg noodles bathed in a broth of coconut milk, spices, lemon grass, chicken, fried tofu, chinese fish balls, bean sprouts, and topped with a hard boiled egg. Forget casseroles, this is the ultimate winter warmer!
Vegetarian laksa £7.50
Nasi Goreng £8.50 (Mild or Spicy)
Malaysian fried rice. Not the usual from you local takeaway. Packed with shrimp, chinese sausage, chicken, garlic, onions, chilli paste, peas and egg.
Vegetarian version £5.95
Penang Char Kueoy Teow £8.99 (Medium)
Flat rice stick noodles stir fried with garlic, prawns, chinese sausage, chicken, sliced fish cake, bean sprouts and chili paste. Mild version available on request.
Vegetarian version £7.00
Loh Mai Kai £7.99 (Mild)
Steamed glutinous rice with chicken, shitake mushrooms, chinese sausage and either chicken or  pork served with chili sauce.
Mamak Rojak (Medium) £7.50
Malaysian salad with fresh bean sprouts, cucumber, red onion, sliced prawn fritters, fried tofu, and hard boild egg with peanut sauce dressing.
Loh Si Fun £7.50 (Mild)
Udon noodles with minced pork, sesame oil, strips of egg omelette soy sauce and sesame oil.
Beef Noodles £10.99 (Mild)
Udon noodles with marinated beef in spices and a thick sauce, plus beef balls in a broth on the side.
Mee Bandung £8.95 (Medium)
Egg noodles in a sweet potato spicy sauce with prawns, chicken, and vegetables.
Pork rib noodles £8.50 (Spicy)
Egg or rice noodles in a spicy pork rib curry sauce with vegetables.
Mamak mee goreng £7.50 (Spicy)
Thick egg noodles stir fried with sliced prawn fritters, egg, greens, fried tofu, chicken, and chilli paste.
Chicken Rice £9.99 (Mild)
Choice of roast or steamed chicken with braised rice and sliced cucumber and spring onion garnish, served with chicken broth and ginger and garlic dipping sauce on the side.
DuckRice £12.99
Roasted Pork Rice £10.99
Mi soup £7.95 (Mild)
Your choice of noodles in a tasty soup made frorm real stock with chicken or pork, fishballs, greens, spring onions and tofu.
Sup Kambing £9.95 (Medium)
Mutton soup made with whole spices and a hint of curry.
Sup ekor £10.99  (Medium)
Oxtail made with whole spices and a hint of curry.
Ikan Bakar (Mediumm)
Fish marinaded in spices, wrapped in banana leaf and bbq'd or baked, served with a tamarind and lime dip.
Whole Skate wing £12.99
King Fish £9.99
Whole sea bream 10.99
(Please note that prices may vary according to season. Feel free to inquire about the availability of any fish of your choice)
Bak Kut Teh £8.50 (Mild)
Chunks of pork, whole garlic, and shitake mushrooms slowy cooked in a herby chinese soup

Hokkien Mi £8.50 (Mild)
Udon  noodles cooked with chicken, prok, greens, fishcake, and greens in a rich dark soya sauce.
Mee Siam £8.50 (Spicy)
Rice Vermicelli noodles stir fried with chilli paste, prawn paste, egg, chicken, prawns, fried fish cake, bean sprouts, and greens. Served with a slice of lime.
Other noodle options available on request.
Soto Ayam £8.95 (Mild)
An Indonesian inspired dish with shredded chicken and vegetable in a broth made from whole spices.

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