A taste of Malaysia! - Menu - Starters & Light Bites
Dapur Mariae (Mariae's kitchen) - A taste of Malaysia!
I am still in the process of compiling my menu so please check in again for latest additions!
Starters/Light bites
Curry puffs
A traditional teatime favourite, it's almost a spicy version of a Cornish pasty, filled with either curried meat or vegetables and deep fried.
Vegetarian curry puffs £4.95
Minced lamb/minced beef/diced chicken curry puffs  £5.50
Sardine rolls £4.95
Sardine in spices, encased in pastry.
Baked Char Siew Pao £5.50
Choice of chicken or pork and peas in a sweet soy sauce encased in a flaky pastry and baked. I was fortunate to come from the town in Malayasia renowed for this beuatiful creation.
Vegetarian version £5.00
Exactly as above, but with quorn
Cucur Udang £5.50
Deep fried shrimp in a batter of spring onions, red onions, chopped chillies and egg. Accompanied with sweet chilli sauce
Sardine cutlets £5.20
Similar  to a fishcake but made with curry powder, whole cumin, chopped onions, and fresh coriander.
Malaysian fish cakes £6.50
Cod or salmon fishcakes made with chopped chillies, coriander, and onions with our homemade chili dipping sauce.
Poh Piah goreng (Deep fried spring rolls)
a) Bean sprouts, peas, chinese sausage, shrimp, spring onion, and garlic filling  £5.50
b) Minced pork and prawn filling £6.25
Mamak Rojak £5.95
Malaysian salad with cucumber, bean sprouts, towfoo, sliced prawn fritter, hard boiled eggs in a peanut sauce dressing.
Yong Tow Foo £6.50
Pepper, aubergine, and fried tofu stuffed with minced fish, and served with
2 dipping sauces (sweet and spicy)
Loh Mai Kai £6.50
Steamed glutinous rice with shitake mushrooms, chicken or pork, and chinese sausage
Vegetarian option £5.99
Sup Kambing/Sup Ekor £6.95
Mutton or Oxtail soup made from whole spices. Perfect for winter.
Bak Kut Teh £6.50
Chunks of pork, whole garlic, and shitake mushrooms in herby chinese broth.
Ikan Bakar  £8.99
Choice of Salmon, King fish or Cod, marinated in tumeric, chili powder and lemon grass, then wrapped in banana leaves, topped with sambal, then  BBQ'd  or baked. Served with tamarind and lime dipping sauce.
Skate wing  £9.99
(please note that fish prices may vary according to season)
5 spice chicken wings £5.95
Baked and served with homemade chili dipping sauce
Pandan Chicken £5.95
Chunks of chicken breast marinated in Malaysian spices, wrapped in pandanas leaves and deep fried.
Otak Otak £6.50
Minced fish in spices, wrapped in banana leaf and bbq'd
Baked spare ribs £6.50
Marinated in Dapur Mariae spices and baked till tender and falling off the bone.
Keropok Lekor £5.25
Twice fried crispy mackerel gujons in Malaysian batter and served with a tangy dipping sauce.
Homemade Wontons
Prawn won tons £5.50
Crab Wontons £6.25
(Served with my homemade chili dipping sauce)
Pork and prawn won tons £6.95
Pulut  panggang £5.25
Glutinous rice with a coconut, tumeric, and dried prawn filling, wrapped in banana leaves and grilled or bbq'd.
Sup Ikan bebola £5.00
Soup with tofu and fishballs
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