Dapur Mariae (Mariae's kitchen) - A taste of Malaysia!
Dried prawn sambal goreng £4.99
Sambal ikan bilis £4.99
Dried anchovy sambal
Sambal Belachan £3.50
Pounded fresh chillies and prawn paste with a squeeze of lime
Nasi Tomato (Tomato rice) £3.50
Nasi Kunyit (Tumeric rice) £3.50
Nasi kelapa (Coconut rice) £3.50
Nasi puteh (Plain boiled rice) £2.50
Roti Jala £3.75
Malaysian net bread. Great for mopping up sauces!
Pulut kunying £3.50
Steamed glutinous rice with tumeric
Salt fish pickle £3.00
A classic Malaysian condiment
Achar Awak £3.00
A crunchy vegetable pickle coated in peanut and sesame seed sauce
Cucumber, red onion and pineapple salad £3.75
Lempeng daun bawang £3.00
Spring onion bread
Kerabu Mangga £3.50
Mango, red onion, red chili, and crushed peanut sald in a lime dressing
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