Dapur Mariae (Mariae's kitchen) - A taste of Malaysia!
This unique cuisine is a definite must try. It has a distinct flavour all of it's own.
Eurasian dishes
Vindaloo Curry
A far cry from the Vindaloo in your local Indian takeaway. This is the Eurasian version
Pork vindaloo £8.50
Chicken vindaloo £8.99
Beef vindaloo £11.99
Chicken devil curry £8.99 (Spicy)
A traditional Eurasian dish served at special occasions, mainly Christmas. It is as it's name suggests i.e fiery, but not to the extend that it's inedible.
Eurasian beef devil curry £11.95
Pork devil curry £8.99
Yellow Curry (Mild)
A mild curry with tumeric and a sour tamarind hint
Pork yellow curry £8.50
Chicken yellow curry £8.99
Beef yellow curry £11.50
Beef / Lamb Semur£11.50
A rich stew filled with carrots, potatoes, whole spices, chunks of beef or lamb and a heady hit of black pepper.
Pork Sebak £9.99 (Mild)
Another Eurasian speciality. Chunks of pork belly braised in spices with a sweet and piquant dark sauce
Curry Kaptan (Spicy)
Contains dried chilles, onions, black pepper and vinegar. One of many Eurasian dishes.
Pork curry Kaptan £.8.99
Chicken curry Kaptan £8.50
Pong Teh £8.50  (Mild)
A comforting winter broth made from chunks of pork, potatoes, chinese turnip, yellow beans, and garlic, then garnished with chopped spring onions.
Beef Ambila £11.99
Made from a paste of onions and dried chillies, with chunks of beef and long beans or  aubergine.
Black Pepper dishes
Chicken or, pork or beef cooked in a thick and rich black peppercorn sauce with onions.
Black Pepper Chicken £8.50
Black Pepper pork £8.99
Black pepper beef £11.50
Black pepper lamb £11.99
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