Dapur Mariae (Mariae's kitchen) - A taste of Malaysia!
Onde onde cupcakes £4.50
A modern take on an old teatime classic. Cupcakes made with fragrant pandanas leaf and palm sugar centre, topped with coconut buttercream
Appam balik £4.99
Malaysian pancake with butter, peanut and brown sugar filling
Kuih Pisang £4.25
A slice of homemade banana cake made from a family recipe served with cream, vanilla ice cream or palm sugar syrup
Kuih Ketayap £4.99
Malaysian pancake filled with coconut and brown sugar jam
Kuih Kodok £4.25
Deep fried banana balls served with cream, vanilla ice-cream or palm sugar syrup
Pisang goreng £4.25
Deep fried banana fritters in light batter
 Appam balik £4.00
Banana Pancakes
Malaysian pineapple tart £4.99
Tart in a short crust pastry with spice infused pineapple jam. 
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