Dapur Mariae (Mariae's kitchen) - A taste of Malaysia!
I am still in the process of compiling  my menu so please keep checking in for additions!
  Beef Rendang/Lamb Rendang £9.99 (Mild)    
One of the most popular Malaysian dishes. Succulent pieces of beef cooked slowly in coconut milk, lemon grass, spice paste, lime leaves until tender.
Chicken Rendang £7.25
Masak Lemak (Coconut curry) (Mild)
Curry made from a paste of lemon grass, chillies, and onions then cooked in coconut milk and aubergine, sweet potato, green beans and tomatoes. Garnished with fresh coriander.
Chicken masak lemak £7.25
Beef masak lemak £8.99
Sambal (Spicy)
A signature sauce of Malaysia. Fiery and tasty, it goes well with everything. Give it a go!
Chicken Sambal £7.25
Egg Sambal £5.50
Ayam Kota Bahru £7.95 (Spicy)
Chicken on the bone with a chili, tumeric, and salt rub, then deep fried and coated in sambal. Garnished with chopped coriander and deepfriedn onions, ginger and garlic.
Kari daging £8.99 (Spicy)
A choice of either beef, lamb or mutton cooked in whole spices genlty over a low heat until succulent and tender. Made with Dapur Mariae's homemade curry paste
Kari Ayam £7.25 (Spicy)
Chicken curry made with Dapur Mariae's homemade curry paste
Masak Merah (Spicy)
A hot, sweet, and spicy sauce made with tamarind, tomatoes, and vegetables
Ayam (Chicken) masak merah £7.25
Dapur Mariae's chili chicken £7.25 (Spicy)
A dry chicken dish packed with a punch of chili, garlic and onions. A tasty creation directly from my kitchen.
'Nonya' braised spare ribs £7.50
Juicy chunks of spare ribs and dried shitake mushrooms braised in a sweet and spicy sauce.
Masala Dishes
A dry curry dish with a southern Indian influence. Packed with garlic, ginger, and curry leaves.
Chicken Masala £7.25
Lamb Masala £8.50
Pork Masala£7.50
'Nyonya' Roasted duck £15.99
(3-4 people)
A whole duck marinaded for 24 hours then slow roasted till tender.
Nonya Roasted chicken £12.99
(3-4 people)
Malaysian korma
Completely different to the usual heavily cream laden sauce. The Malaysian version is lighter and made with coconut milk, whole spices, potatoes, and vegetables.

Chicken korma £7.00

Mutton korma £8.50

Lamb korma £8.99

Steamed tofu with minced pork £6.99

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